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You should know that decks are usually a terrific addition to people’s homes. The other thing that you ought to be aware of is the fact that there are so many decks to choose from. The most popular decks however are the Trex decks. You should be aware of the fact that Trex decking is very eco-friendly. It has gained momentum for the past few years. Trex decking has become very popular to the point of replacing the other deck options. The Trex decking products usually consist of ninety five percent recycled products. Some of the recycled materials in the Trex decking products include reclaimed wood, sawdust and plastics from household packaging. In fact, Trex is one of the largest recycling companies. The article below enlightens people on Trex decking.

Unlike the standard wood deck, it is very expensive to install Trex decking. You ought to know that the wood decks usually require a lot of maintenance after it has been installed. Wood decks save people time and money down the line because they usually require a lot of maintenance. Trex decks are usually more expensive because they are of very good quality.The size of the deck other than the quality also determines the price. The larger the deck the more expensive it tends to be. If you also choose the kind of deck with a complex design then you get to pay more for it.

Trex decks usually come with additional features just like any other thing you would purchase with add-ons to enhance the safety, look and feel.Trex Elevations which is a framing system for the Trex products is made up of steel despite the fact that the other decks have their framing system made up of wood. You should acknowledge the fact that Trex Elevations tend to be more stable as compared to the other framing systems of the wood decks because it is made up of steel. The most important thing about the steel frames is the fact that they are fire resistant.

The final thing you ought to know about the Trex decks is the fact that maintaining them is not time consuming and expensive. The overall costs of maintaining wood decks and Trex decks start to even out at this point. It is also vital to take note of the fact that Trex decks do not have to be sanded. In order for you to clean up your Trex decks, you will only require water and soap. While the traditional composite decks could not be power-washed, the Trex decks products can be power-washed.

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